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The meaning and purpose of Life is to give to others and be the light to the world

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The meaning and purpose of life is to give to others and be the light they desperately need. This is a light of hope!

We all have that day when we suddenly get inspired and take action. We either have an idea and eventually put it into action because the excitement escalates.

But what happens when that excitement runs out?

What then?

This is such a crucial moment to decide to endure the challenges that come up. Challenges mean it’s quitting time for so many people but the question remains. What if you didn’t give up?

What if your breakthrough was just in the other side of persevering.

This is such an important message for so many of you. You can have an idea and be all excited about it, you can even act upon it but when challenges come people give up.

You can’t give up because of the possibilities of succeeding. People are scared of failure. But what if your excitement of the possibilities is greater than the fear of failure?

This is where you will have that extra push to get over the line.

What is your motive for success? How will you use it?

We all have options before us each and every day. The choice of succeeding lies with us.

People have fear…

It’s time to conquer fear and start the things that is on your heart to start. It’s time to take a stand against the thugs we are ultimately scared of.

Success isn’t a push the button thing. Success is deciding to do the simple, mundane things over and over again until we achieve them.

Don’t give up!

Your dreams are greater than you know. The result of you making your dreams come true is going to give you more than you could even imagine. The people you will help when you reach your dreams is going to leave you amazed.

Get excited again and take your stand!

You may have given up before but I declare that now is the time to push through those barriers and enter into new ground.

You were made for such a time as this.

Push through…

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Never give up! Your time has come. Stop fearing and get on the move.

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