Affiliate Marketing Systems

Marketing Systems That Actually Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Systems

If you ever promoted a “make-money” system but didn’t manage to make it BIG the this article will explain why.

I’m going to show you how a pre-built automated marketing process makes real money. 

I will discuss network marketing and affiliate marketing systems, and any other system that hands you a pre-built lead capture page, follow-up email campaign, and done-for-you sales presentation.

You may have a couple of questions though…

“Why Does These Systems Work For Everyone Else But Not For Me?”

This is why…

Consistency is KEY. If you have a good relationship built up with your list to whom you constantly add value and constantly communicate to, then you have something in place that will generate loads of cash.

Because those people will already trust what you recommend to them.

Let’s Get Straight To The Point…

You need your topic to be related to marketing, or at least a part of marketing.

There needs to be a group of people that highly appreciate what you share to them. This must be either an automated process that you have in place or it can be from your active social media gathering.

Provide real, substancial value and inspirational posts. Please avoid information and posts that are just too general and don’t help your readers.

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If you haven’t been providing real value to a growing group of people, how could you ever expect to see enough sales when you recommend a new opportunity?

“This Is The Easiest System, Post Online And Watch The Growth Through Landing Pages…”

Ah yes, it does seem like that would work, right? Why can’t you just promote the system’s lead capture page and let it start sifting and sorting for sales on your behalf? Why doesn’t that work?

This is a simple answer…

Most of those systems do a very poor job of cultivating a relationship on autopilot. And often, they “hype it up” to establish trust with a new relationship, so it only appeals to those who already know the person who is personally recommending it.

Then what?

You might think that it is a numbers game and all depends on the amount of people you can put through the system. 

So, will this help me in the long run? No! 

Unless you know how to set things up so you’re building a relationship with your new leads through automation FIRST, and then directing them into the system you’re promoting. Now you join the big money earners, but you need to get that part sorted out. 

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Sometimes the System Ends Up Doing an Amazing Job At Growing The List Of The System Owner. But What About You?

You need to think about the long term. You may end up getting short-term results but they will be short lived.

Think about this…

Most of the money is made on the back-end.

The ‘back-end’ refers to money that’s generated from selling lots of other products, affiliate programs or network marketing opportunities that you get to choose… over a period of time.

This is where most of the MONEY is made.

It’s part of a strategy we call Cashflow Optimization that allows you to increase your Average Lead Value. This is a MASSIVE part of the Online Success Strategy that we teach which sets you up for success.

And it will online bring amazing results if you are building a relationship with the list, through automation. And most systems don’t help you to get that part of your business set up.

Our system gives you the keys for success in the online marketing world. 

You need to be able to be in charge of your lists. Please make sure that you are the one getting their details. The last thing you want is to not have access to your own list.


Automate the process of building relationships with those on the list you’re building.

Be the one introducing the system and person they will be hearing from.

You have to be providing value in some form over time to your list so they buy more offers from you going forward. That’s how you develop a significant income (multiple income streams on auto-pilot).

It will allow you to make the big money.

This is how you win in a big way.

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