Make money online with marketing

How To Market Anything And Make Money Online

Make Money Online With Marketing

Today, we’ll share where YOU can begin to put this marketing strategy into action yourself, and finally start winning the marketing game. This will help you to make money online with marketing.

It’s not a pie in the sky dream, this is a real strategy that can be followed for success. And you cannot fail if you implement it because the blueprint us given in crystal clear step-by-step guidelines. There is constant engagement as to where you are at in the process and also the opportunity is there to increase your cashflow and live the life you really want to. This is very different from most marketing material out there.

Every successful marketer has these steps in place…


  • Build an email list of people that is interested in the topic
  • Set everything up so that it becomes automated. The relationship building is automated which makes it easier
  • The marketing and sales also become automated
  • Everything is cashflow optimization which makes them earn bigger on every lead and potential client
  • Make sure they have multiple streams of income that they are constantly marketing to the list
  • They are able to track what they earn per lead and customer
  • Keep testing and retesting to dramatically increase sales per lead

These steps will help you hit all your financial goals that you have set in place. These steps have helped all successful marketers to where they currently are.

Let Me Clarify:

You need to follow this process if you want guaranteed results in your marketing efforts. If you want to create a reliable and scalable business then you need to follow this model.

You can pretty much write the life of your dreams if you implement the above mentioned accurately. 

Begin Here:

There are TWO OPTIONS for you if you want to put your marketing system together. 

You either:

1. Set this up on WordPress (I can help with that, if that time should come). WordPress is simple and easy to use. 

2. Use a hosted solution like Clickfunnels or Kartra.

* Kartra is highly recommend above all others because it’s a system that has it all-in-one. I will discuss this in more detail in a future post. 

Basic Marketing Funnel Review:

The Marketing Funnel is something that allows you to automate the marketing and sales process. I know some of you have used marketing funnels that were provided to you by a network marketing company or “money making system,” but as you’ve learned these rarely work “FOR YOU” even if they worked for others before you. Each individual has their own stamp and personality. You can connect to different people than I can. I will write a future post on the Psychology behind the different personality types. 

Not everyone understands the marketing funnel. So let’s start here:

1. A Lead Magnet

This is something you offer free to people online in exchange for their email address. You want their email addresses after signing up for further promotions or sales that you will market to them down the line. This will help you to build your list. Everyone loves something free, so it’s easier than you think. This will help you automate your sales process. It’s so exciting and the possibilities are endless. 

The KEY To Every Successful Businessman Is To Have Multiple Income Streams…

Big bait attracts big fish..  Same here, if you have a big email list you can market high end products and many different options which will be massive in the long run. Build1 Build! Build! From Jack Canfield to Bob Proctor, onto Brendon Burchard and myself, it’s what increases what you earn per lead. The aim is to earn more cash so you can pay for the ads and live the lifestyle you want. Effortlessly may I add!

If you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or selling your own coaching, consulting, courses or products of any kind online, you can’t succeed at marketing online without all this in place.

I’m sure you’ve entered your email into many ‘opt-in’ forms to get something free. That was a lead magnet you were after. Typically you’d have to create the lead magnet on your own but we have solutions to create this for you. This can be a free webinar, video, PDF download, or anything that your audience would want access to. If your audience is in nutrition, it would be related to health or wellness. If you’re wanting to attract real estate investors, it would be free information they’d be interested in.

2. You need a Lead Capture & Thank You page

The webpage you entered your email on is called a lead capture page. And the page they landed on confirming the email was received is often called a ‘Thank you’ page. These pages will help you to automate the list building process. The beauty of this model is you can earn while you are asleep. Everything is automated so you can make cash in any country and any given time.

3. You need a Few Sales Pages

The name of this important page speaks for itself. This is the webpage designed to present the offer and where the purchase is made. This allows for sales automation, which is key to the entire strategy. This is how you literally get to “make money while you sleep.” Millions of people are leveraging this online today. It can be done!

4. Other Landing Pages

Other pages will comprise a complete marketing funnel, such as the page people land on after they purchase. And there may be other pages that present more offers before someone completes the first purchase (referred to as upsells and downsells). There may also be other pages people see after clicking on a link in one of your emails, which might provide a video that gives them more value, and that can lead to other offers for purchase. The point is you must have a marketing funnel in place to automate the marketing and sales process and to do that your best option is to use either a WordPress blog or a all-in-one solution like Kartra.


This may be a lot to put into place but the nice thing is that you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact, we can literally give you our system that you can personalize as if it were your own. You can use marketing funnel templates designed for different markets and industries. You can use systems that already have the cashflow’ing links to sales offers built-in, along with the emails, lead magnets, with each of the marketing funnel pages already included.

You still need to personalize it so it’s completely yours and has your own message. This is where you literally build your brand, attract people to the pages you have built up and start communicating the message you want. Everything in life begins with a story. You are going to present your story to people out there and they in turn will also appreciate the value you give.

We can teach you how to drive your marketing system.

But FIRST up…

Having your own marketing funnel located either on your own WordPress blog or a system like Kartra allows you to do everything we have discussed.

This is a FACT:

If you don’t have your own marketing funnel system in place you won’t get anywhere. You need it. It is the ingredient to success in the marketing world. 

In our next upcoming posts, I’m going to hone in on these particular areas of the system so you understand what these are and how you do it right..

Here is a two our success strategy class you can access completely free:

Bookmark this page and check your email for my next blog post. This information is life-changing. It certainly changed my life and I’ve watched up close as it change the lives for hundreds of others, and millions of others across the industry.

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